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“Solar Technician Production in Solar PV Manufacturing covers the role of technicians in assembling, testing, and maintaining solar modules. This topic explores technical skills, safety protocols, and quality assurance measures. By understanding the technician’s role, individuals can contribute to efficient and reliable solar module production for sustainable energy solutions.”

What Will You Learn?

  • Learning in the production line refer to the specific knowledge, skills, and competencies that individuals gain through training and education related to solar panel manufacturing.
  • Technical Proficiency: Learners acquire a deep understanding of the processes involved in solar module production, including materials, equipment, and quality control.
  • 1. Safety Knowledge
  • 2. Quality Control
  • 3. Troubleshooting Skills
  • 4. Efficiency and Productivity
  • 5. Environmental Awareness
  • 6. Teamwork and Communication
  • 7. Compliance and Regulations
  • 8. Adaptability
  • 9. Problem Prevention
  • These learning outcomes collectively contribute to the development of skilled professionals who can contribute to the efficient and high-quality production of solar modules in the industry.


  • Qualification: Diploma/ Bachelor of Engineering
  • Age: 20+ years
  • Experience: 1-3 Years

Course Content

Cell Laser Cutter Operation Manual
"Cell Laser Cutter Operation Manual in Solar PV Manufacturing provides guidance on using laser cutting technology for solar cell fabrication. This topic covers equipment setup, safety procedures, and operation steps. Understanding the manual equips operators to efficiently and accurately cut solar cells, contributing to precise module production for sustainable energy solutions."

  • Cell laser cutter operation manual

Front Glass Loading
"Front Glass Loading in Solar PV Manufacturing explains the process of placing tempered glass onto solar modules. This topic covers handling, alignment, and securing methods. By understanding front glass loading, manufacturers ensure proper encapsulation, protecting solar cells and contributing to durable and efficient module production."

Cell, Inter-connector and Flux
"Tabbing and Stringing in Solar PV Manufacturing covers the process of interconnecting solar cells to form strings. This topic explores soldering techniques, alignment, and electrical continuity. Understanding tabbing and stringing ensures efficient energy transfer, optimizing module performance for sustainable solar solutions."

Stringer Connector
"Stringer Connector in Solar PV Manufacturing pertains to the interconnection of solar cells. This topic covers methods like soldering and laser welding. Understanding stringer connectors ensures efficient energy transfer and reliable module performance for sustainable solar solutions."

Cell Fixing Tape
"Cell Fixing Tape in Solar PV Manufacturing involves securing solar cells during module assembly. This topic covers adhesive application, alignment, and durability. Understanding cell fixing tape ensures proper cell positioning and contributes to efficient, reliable solar module production for sustainable energy solutions."

EVA and Backsheet
"EVA and Back Sheet in Solar PV Manufacturing cover essential materials for module encapsulation. This topic explains EVA's role in lamination and the back sheet's protective function. Understanding these components ensures durable module construction, supporting efficient energy production and the success of sustainable solar solutions."

Solder Wire
"SolderWire in Solar PV Manufacturing involves rectifying defects before lamination. This topic covers identification, removal, and replacement of faulty components. Understanding prelam rework ensures high-quality module assembly, contributing to efficient energy production and reliable solar solutions."


6s Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment (OHSE)
6S Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment in a solar module line is a comprehensive approach to ensuring a safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient workplace. It involves six key principles: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, and Safety. This methodology streamlines processes, reduces waste, minimizes environmental impact, and prioritizes the health and safety of employees. By implementing 6S, solar module manufacturing can achieve higher productivity while maintaining a commitment to worker well-being and environmental stewardship.


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